One Year Later…

It’s been just over six months since I wrote my last blog. Back then, I only had a terrible netbook, and an even worse job, that kept me from doing any writing. Every day I’d come back home stressed out of my mind, and would be so tired that I’d barely contemplate writing anything more than a few words long. Six months and one new job later, and I’ve decided to buy and iPad. And I love it! But that’s not why I’m writing.

More importantly, I’m writing because it’s been just over a year since I started taking hormones. See, whilst Charing Cross prescribed me everything just a few weeks ago, I’ve been taking oestrogen that I’ve purchased from Hong Kong for much longer than that. And it’s only now, that I’ve passed the one year anniversary since the blue pill first passed my lips, that I can step back and appreciate the changes that have occurred in my life, whether it’s the biological differences like breast growth, or the faith I’ve developed in myself as a transwoman. I’ve lost friends and gained new ones. I’ve had two jobs during a tough recession. I was able to prove myself to my parents. And I got an iPad.

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5 Reasons why I’m gonna complain to Ofcom about Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross, riding Th13teen like a boss


I’ve never called myself a big fan of Jonathan Ross. I’ve enjoyed him on shows like They Think It’s All Over and Penn & Teller: Fool Us (though neither of those were a success because of him), but he’s never been more than an ‘alright’ entertainer. To an extent, I actually found him fairly likeable, in the same way one might find Ant & Dec kinda enjoyable. Unfortunately, all that’s changed.

Last Saturday, on his fairly popular ITV1 chat show, Ross started his show with this little doozy:

Have you seen this story, I love this story today, a Thai airline, a company called PC Air has announced an exciting new recruitment policy – they’re going to recruit more ladyboys to be air stewards! [pauses: audience laughter]

Unlike most airlines, they’re actually encouraging you to take a concealed weapon on board, it’s a whole new, it’s a whole new (just waiting for some of you) it’s a whole new (I would! I think I have for one of them…)

The biggest shock on that plane is when the plane hits turbulence because it’s not just the oxygen masks that fall down in front of your face. [audience express disgust]

What a great way to spend a flight though, because you wouldn’t need puzzles or movies, because you’d just be, “Is she? Is he? Is she?” And when you want to find out the answer you just press the buzzer and go, “Excuse me, do you have any nuts?”

Unsurprisingly, this has gone under the radar, not least because the actual joke was rather lame. However, things have gathered steam since Paris Lees bought it to the attention of the masses (read all about it here).  So why should you care? Why should anyone care?Here, I outline five reasons, in no particular order, as to why I will be complaining to Ofcom. I know some of these, well most of these, don’t have any bearings on what has been said. But these points have kinda pushed me into action.

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The Simpsons – The End Of An Era? About Time!

The Simpsons

Is The Simpsons record-breaking run finally over?

According to The Daily Beast, The Simpsons’ record-breaking 23 season run may soon be coming to an end. The reasons seem kinda asshole-ish on Fox’s part:

For the first time in nearly a quarter century of haggling, the executives have insisted that if the cast doesn’t accept a draconian 45 percent pay cut,The Simpsons will die an abrupt death as a first-run series.

The show is a massive cash cow. With syndication worldwide, a massive variety of merchandise, comic books and even theme park attractions across America, Fox certainly aren’t strapped for cash. Despite falling ratings, the show is insanely popular, and it seems bizarre that Fox are even contemplating it’s cancellation.

But despite all this, it’s hard to have sympathy for it’s oncoming demise. Firstly, the voice actors are on millions every year, and even with this pay cut would annually receive over $4 million for roughly 22 week’s work. You can argue, maybe even rightly, that they’ve contributed enough to the show, and have certainly helped mould the characters into faces recognised worldwide. Therefore, they deserve a cut of the show’s worldwide revenue. But more importantly, I won’t shed a tear when it finally finishes because, quite frankly, The Simpsons has outlived it’s welcome. It’s just not funny any more, and hasn’t been for years.

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Firstly, I’ve decided to make a quick post to kick-start this blog. I’ve been meaning to post stuff for a while, on a variety of topics, but each time I start writing a new post I end up getting distracted, and it never comes to fruition. As a result, I’ve had this wordpress account for over a year now (I think), and I’ve yet to write anything remotely interesting. So, take this as an introduction, where Ill say a few things about myself, as well as the kind of topics I may write about.

My name is Ashlee Kelly. I am 22 years old, and have just graduated from Aberystwyth University where I gained a 2:2 in Business ICT. Since finishing university, I’ve done…well, nothing really. I’ve been applying for jobs like mad, but other than watching entire series of shows like Family Guy, Harvey Birdman and the freaky “comedy” that is Jam. I’m planning on moving to the big city of London at some point soon, because my hometown is rather dull.

As a transwoman, my blog will probably touch upon trans-related topics from time to time. This could be on anything, from what’s going on in the news, to what I’m going through personally. I recently started taking hormones, so I’ll probably also blog about the changes that I’m going through, both physically and mentally.

My blog won’t just be about trans stuff. Hell, it’ll probably be just a small portion. I have big interests in loads of stuff, from TV to video games, and virtually anything. I don’t think there’s much point in going through what I like, because I like a lot of stuff, and you’d probably get bored.

Anyway, this is just an introduction post. Hopefully this’ll get me started in the wonderful world of blogging.


Ashlee Kelly