New video blog

Once again, I’ve found myself not writing. When I got my iPad I promised myself that I’d make a blog every few weeks…but that hasn’t happened. I’d start writing, then I’d get distracted by something, whether it was my TV or going out or whatever. I had a nice, big post planned about my most recent accomplishment – moving to London – but I fell I’ll and by the time I actually had time to write the thing, I had already settled in my new house, and started my very business-like job. It felt too late to actually start writing about it.

So I’ve decided to start doing something a bit simpler – video blogging. See my head is always filled with ideas, and I feel I can communicate it easier through my voice. I can get it done there and then. With writing, I need more time to make sure what I’ve written makes even the slightest bit of sense (this post being an exception). I’m hoping to make it a series, discussing different developments through my transition, and exploits in my new home city of London.

I hope you enjoy, and please spread the word 🙂

Ashlee x


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